Nowadays, its very easy to transmit the message of your brand or your business to large audiences through the utilization of a website which is designed and optimized properly. Web has already proved its promotional quality with the impressions gathered through analytics and metrics on the digital platform. So Click Web Tasarım has taken the initiatives to provide you the best website designs and web services using the latest technologies in the software industry. We collect all of your data regarding the producst and services that you need to market and engage them into your web content and then we trasnmit your message to your target market and audiences.

Design and Applications

Click Web Tasarım provide various designs and applications in order to ease the use and control of your website after the development process is completed and your website is initiated. Wouldn’t your like to have an easy control over your website? Online shop, web galleries or a web catalogue might be the most important elements of your website but most of the web design models requires software knowledge in terms of having control over your website. However, we transform your website into an absolute marketing tool with a full personal control over it by providing you various sort of solutions with the web applications.

Customer Support

After an aggrement is made between you and Click Web tasarım, we provide your customer support in the first two months by giving you the guidance to have a control over your content, web tools and other stuff and Click Web Tasarim provides a one-year-service warranty to the design provided to the clients excluding the upcoming innovations in the software industry. Additional application requirements after the initiation of your website will pose additional cost for your convenience.

Creative Art

Not limited to the web design and web development services, Click Web Tasarım provides creative design elements of art such as logo design, business cards, catalogues and many other products. So you can purchase a combined services including the design of your website, presentations, guidelines, logos, catalogues and other custom design elements. We provide your Professional designs with catalogues, logos and many other creative art elements by utilizing the latest software such as photoshop.

Multilingual Websites

Click Web Tasarım designs websites in English, Turkish, German, Spanish, French and in various languages upon request which will be very effective to reach users in different geographical locations.  Furthermore, most of the web design companies may have an issue with the industrial branches due to the language factor; however, our translation professionals will be helpful in providing your best content in the target language.

Optimization of Your Website The Search Engines

Considering the fact that designing and developing a website  will not determine the success of a website, Click Web Tasarım designs your website optimizing each Word, sentences as well as the images in relation to your business and brand and allow it to appear on the search engines by increasing the rank of the metrics. Even though it’s very slow process for a website to gain a good rating at the search engines, Click Web Tasarım guarantees the visibility of your pages at the first page.