If your business operates without a website and if you hardly stepping into the technology, you are missing a lot as a website may promote your business by reaching an endless number of potential customers or investors who have already started to utilize internet for many purposes over a decade ago.

Click Web Tasarim provides well-designed websites to assist you reach a larger audience to go over your competitors in your industry. We provide you different kinds of pricing options fitting your budget in order to be your solution partner. If you are planning to modernize your current website or have a brand new one, we, here, explain you step by step to help you understand how we will provide you design which will increase the volume of your business.


Determining The Purpose

The website that we are going to design for your business need will serve as a platform to provide information about your company and the nature of your business. If you are planning to have an e-commerce website, you should be familiar with the online payment methods and related stuff. However, if you are not planning to recieve online payments, there is not much work to do as your website will not need external banking processes.  Whatever  your reason to have a website, you should have a purpose to build it. At this point we will ask you plenty of questions before we task out the website project.


Domain Name

The domain name is your online identity considering the business factors, as it will be one of the promotional steps to achieve the success that we aim. It will be the key to the online World where you  will share your URL with the potential clients and investors. It might something simple but it should have an influence on the users and it should be a memorable one.  Shortly it will be the key to your online success.  Click Web Tasarim will assist you find the best domain name if you are having diffuculty in finding one. You can purchase your own domain as well, however if assistance needed Click Web Tasarim will help its clients till the end of the project.


Web Hosting

Hosting for your website is crucial as your files should be stored somewhere and it is not magic. There are several web hosting service providers online with different options, however before choosing one you should think long term as a website will not be designed and launched for a day, you should think of years ahead. Click Web Tasarım will assist you to find the best solution for your hosting needs which will be compatible with the technology requirements of your websites to be built.


Choosing a design

The design of your web page will present the character of your business an deven you. At this stage, we will collect more data and we will ask you hundreds of questions regarding the nature of the products and services, the purpose to build a website, targeted audience, the length of your campaign, so on so forth…


The website will consist of a home page and several other multiple pages including about, services and a clear cut contact page or even a blog to post news regarding your business interactions.  I should also include the logo of your business; if you do not have one our professionals will design a couple of logos to present your identity better on the internet platform. Content? We will author your website with the best unique articles by furnishing it with the optimized keywords in order to increase the chance to be closer to the success. In one of our recent work which we provided to Gilgamis Group, the client asked us how the customer will find them if they didn’t even know the name of the company. Their target audience was Iraq and Basrah region mostly and the main service that they wanted to market over there was the “Equipment Lease” Service. Therefore, we optimized the website basically with the content, and now you go online at Google search and type “Equipment-Lease-Iraq” or  “Equipment-Lease-Basrah”, you will see the link of Gilgamis Group at the first page without a great effort to find it. Shortly, we can provide the same design for you, which will be launched any device and which will be found with the keywords of the clients who even don’t know you and your company. It’s not magic, it is the professionalism that we mastered with search engine optimization-SEO.