jQuery Mobile, an HTMLL5-best user interface system has been released to design responsive websites and applications. The significant point is that jQuery Mobile allows the user to access the user interface on all smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.  jQuery Mobile, supported with HTML5 browsers, will run on any application regardless of the type and the screen sizes which is a great feature that is not provided Sencha Touch.  It will work seamlessly whetter you use it on Windows, Mac OS, Android or iOS. It will operate well on any device which will make your design more accessible to a huge number of users.

jQuery Mobile is based on HTML5 markup framework and HTML5 enables the designers to provide more functions in the developed web page or application. The features provided by jQuery Mobile are not supported by Sencha Touch. In this respect jQuery Mobile looks more advantageous to all users.

jQuery has also overtaken Ionic and Famo.us as it can be utilized in both mobile and desktop frameworks. As HTML5 is heavily styled with CSS3, it might cause performance issues when the user interface is too busy. However, it will worth using jQuery Mobile instead of the other as it provides more functions. AJAX driver page and navigation handling are the core qualities of jQuery Mobile. AJAX is used to load application content into the DOM (non-necessary content is removed from the DOM accordingly, to prevent large memory footprint).

Click Web Tasarim as a chaser of any web technology, provides you the best web development technologies within the manner of our quality services.  We can use jQuery for mobile website development and for your desktop website development needs as well.