Click Web Tasarim, as a follower of all the trends in the internet platform, provides you the best industrial designs which will allow your business to engage with the customers as well as the potential investors.  Our Professionals weave every code and evey piece of the design uniquely considering technological trends as well as the fashion of new website themes in order to achieve a long lasting productivity at the current times as well as the following years.

We provide our clients every data and research which will enable them to understand their needs and the websites meeting their demands. By this manner, we utilize the latest tools and trends to provide your business with an engaging design which will indeed drive the traffic of the potential customers to your website-your online business place.

Considering the facts of the modern times technology and trends we have a couple of factors regarding how your website should be when we complete your project. The argument below will provide you a sense of how Click Web Tasarim works while designing your web sites.

  1. Images

The photos and the graphics utilized in the design of your projects plays an important role regardless of the type of the business segment where the website will be presented. It might be an e-commerce platform, a portfolio design to present your Professional workplace or even a blog which you post your own daily writings. Nowadays, it is even a popular habit fort he potential clients to send e-mails with photos or posts on a social platform. This poses a habitual state of mind of the people which should be considered at an utmost level.  Therefore, the imagery in the design of a website is an important factor to drive the attention of the visitors. However, recent researchs Show that the users are not happy with the cheesy looking fake photos. In this respect we utilize a couple online Professional communities to source the best photography for your design. In addition to these elements, you can also provide the photos of your products and service and if they are compatible with the design trends we can adapt them into your website and create a more trusting environment for your visitors. But what if the large heavy images cause your website have a loading failure? At this point we optimize your images with the compression tools to avoid such failures.

The image sources that we select the best photos to fit into your design are quoted below;

  • Unsplash is a great source to find photos anything, including various objects, people, technology, nature, etc..
  • Raumrotis a place for photos which can be used commercially or personnaly
  • Gratisographyprovides high quality photos which can utilized in the projects.
  • Life of Pixis a source of free natural looking stock photos which can be used without any copywright issues.
  • Death to the Stock Photois a site which requires membership to recieve the collection of photos that we can use in the website.
  • Picjumbois a free platform to find and use photos and graphics
  • Jay Mantriprovides high quality photos which can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  1. Video Design Trend

When the visual effects are utilized in a Professional way, the objective to support the story telling will be more inluent upon the visitors of your website.  The visuals and the motions can be included into your design in order to transfer ideas and emotions to the visitors. In a psychological point of view, the designs which are made considering all the senses of the human being will be more effective than a website which has less attribution to the senses.  There has been many websites with a video visualization up to now and the trend will grow more in the following years with the utilization of new techniques in the web platform.

You can also check at ClickZ to see the statics which shows that people loves videos so much, as it shows mind blowing numbers of online video consumption. Also the growing popularity of Youtube and other platforms shows that TV is a death place to promote business. Futhermore, the infographic of SocialTimes figures out that US people are abandoning TV.

The issue with the trend is the load time as sometimes it might make you wait for sometime to appear. The other issue is that optimization of the videos into the search engines is harder than a website rich with the textual content.

  1. Personal Branding Trend In WebDesign

Marketing your career is a big challenge and personal branding is the tool to provide you the best solutions. The identity and the image you provide to the public is more different than you assume while looking at a mirror. The objective in personal branding is to promote your vision and mission in front of the target audience. It is possible to see this growing trend in the web platform nowadays and people chase their career through their personal websites which are designed with the perspective of personal branding. The promotional value of such a campaign is more than submitting a CV or just waiting at your Office to see if your implementation is effective or not. However,  a website designed and launched with the perspective will help you a lot to reach wider number of people.

While designing your website and its content we include your Professional images as well as the mission and vision statement in order to present your data to your visitor. We provide full guidance regarding the copywriting and other stuff.

  1. Mobile First

The trends and the habits of the users has change in the last decade and the invention of the touch screens has allowed the number of smart phones and tablets grow even larger day by day. A web platform which is designed without a consideration to these trends might cause your business to have a failure in the industry as you will not be reaching the audience who are using mobile devices. Recent researches shows  that 90% of the users launch on websites through mobile devices which shows the use of the desktop and laptop computers is an old fashion now. At this point, Click Web Tasarim provides you the best mobile designs meeting your business needs and promote your business.  A website which can be launched from any browser will avoid any failure in the business and it will increase the number of the users visiting your website.  The term user means potential customers and investors globally.

  1. Modular WebDesign Trend

Modular or grid based design is a known design technique, however it has an ever lasting popularity among th users as it has a flexible function which enables the websites load very fast at anny device. Considering the SEO factors, this might provide your business an absolute solution.

Microsoft Metro style is one of the most popular and best known examples for the design and it has an increasing popularity at many web apps such as Pinterest, Instagram, Designspiration


  1. Single Page WebDesign

Single Page Webdesign has popularity among the users as well, because it provides flexibility at mobile devices which enables the user to reach the information without any screen failures as the user will not have any issues with the movements on the website with a full control of the content. It also increases the success at the search engine optimization.

  1. Flat Design

Flat Design has gained popularity as the big tech companies, designers and Apple adopted it quickly.  Many designers and developers are being influenced by the Google Material Design philosophy which enables them to provide digital products with cleaner and more organized look. Following the trend, Click Web Design may provide your best products in this respect.

8. SEO Factor

Click Web Tasarim and its professionals provides you best websites in which the design and the SEO is integrated with all the optimization aspects to promote your business on the web platform. We ensure that your website will be designed with the SEO integration of all types contents.