Debate About Google’s Mobile ‘Best-Of Lists’

It has been declared that the Mobile ‘Best of Lists’ of Google hinders content by Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Everyday new content is being added for the travelling users by Google, however there has been complaints about how Google is manupulating the search competition deliberately.

It has been announced by Google recently that local best of lists content will be shown in mobile application search results. It has been stated by Google that when a best spot to eat and drink is searched on Google Application, you will be able to see reviews of the people as well as the top critics along with the best of lists from creditable publishers.

Offering more local search content to the travelling users is a very good idea as people need reliable guidance at places where they do not know where to visit. You can see a screen shot which might provide you an insight about how it looks like. However, Yelp and TripAdvisor thinks that it won’t provide an improvement in the UI. It has been declared this is against competition in the market.


Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of YELP, Stephen Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor, reviews this innovation with hypercritical point of view. It has been declared by Stoppelman that the monopolist behaviour of Google is posing greedy atributes to the market.


Yelps spokesman declared that it is another challenge in which Google wants to market its own products only as they don’t do organic scorings. There is a growing complaint about it in Europe that Google promotes its own content only at the expense of the 3rd party publishers. On the other hand Google declares that the actions have been taken in order to improve the user experience, and not manupulating the content of the other entities.


Considering that the 60% of the searchs queries is done through the mobile devices, there is a great rivaling competetion at the peak to gain the advantage of the growing number of mobile users.